Xtreme Mix HP

Xtreme Mix HP is a High Po-rosity Growing medium blend of selected coarse Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss (70% / volume), Horticultural perlite (30% / volume), wetting agent,endo and ecto-mycorrhizal inoculum and a fertilizer charge.This high porosity growing medium has excellent drainage,good water holding capacity, a very good aeration and a high cation-exchange capacity (CEC). This mix was created for your plants to thrive in this enriched environment. Xtreme Professional Horticulturist.Product Features: Proven to perform well with sub-irrigation ,overhead and or drip irrigation, very lightweight.Chemical characteristics: Ph Range: 5.3 -6.3 ( S>M.E)
Electrical Conductivity 1.3 2.3 mmhos / cm (S.M.E.)

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