This feed schedule will help take the guess work out of your mix rates and get you right on the track for superior growth and enormous yields.

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Bon Vivant Grow

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Xtreme Silica
Week 1 Grow700ppm4ml10ml4ml1/2tsp.       4ml0.5ml
Week 2 Grow750ppm4ml10ml4ml1/2tsp.       4ml0.5ml
Week 3 Grow800ppm4ml10ml4ml1/2tsp.2ml      4ml0.5ml
Week 4 Grow900ppm4ml10ml4ml1/2tsp.       4ml0.5ml
WeeksBon Vivant BloomXtreme VegXtreme Juice *Root TonicCobra **XtremeGrow  Xtreme BoostSamurai PKRhino Drive BrixXtreme Silica
Week 1 Bloom1000ppm4ml10ml4ml1/2tsp. 10ml     4ml0.5ml
Week 2 Bloom1000ppm 10ml4ml1/2tsp.  10ml    4ml0.5ml
Week 3 Bloom11100ppm 10ml4ml1/2tsp.   4ml4ml10ml 4ml0.5ml
Week 4 Bloom11100ppm 10ml4ml**   4ml4ml10ml 4ml0.5ml
Week 5 Bloom11100ppm 10ml4ml**   4ml4ml10ml 4ml0.5ml
Week 6 Bloom11100ppm 10ml4ml**   4ml4ml10ml8ml4ml0.5ml
Week 7 Bloom11100ppm 10ml4ml**   4ml4ml20ml8ml4ml0.5ml
Week 8 BloomWater             
1 tsp = 5 ml
1 fl oz = 29.57353 ml
1 US Gallon = 3.785 Litres
1 oz = 28.34952 gm
* Foilar Spray 20ml/Gal once a week
** From the 3rd week of the bloom cycle until the end of your flower cycle. Only treat plant with cobra once a week
*** Do Not flush between Early Turn A and Early Turn B
**** Use Power Rock in Week 5 or 6, if you need more than one time use it at half strenght