Our Mission Statement

The mission of Xtreme Nutrients, a division of Florida Hydroponics; is to provide growers with the highest quality of nutrients in order to reach maximum crop yields in a minimal amount of time.
Our chemical engineering teams are constantly researching formulas for maximum potential growth without compromising quality and safety.
Our mission in one sentence is to be your prime source of high quality hydroponics nutrients and supplies for an Xtreme Crop.

What we offer?

We offer a wide range of nutrient and additives to ensure our customers achieve the best results and never before seen yields. Our Nutrient range is complete, starting with our amazing products and extending all the way to ensure maximum yields for our customers.

Our Products

Our amazing products will make the biggest difference in your plants. Xtreme Nutrients are of the highest quality and have products specifically tailored to not only work with the different cycles of your plant growth but also with each other to maximize the potential within your plants.

Xtreme Nutrients products work with each other to provide your plant with long-term and long cycle growth support.

With over 25 years of experience in the hydroponics industry, Florida Hydroponics was established in 1996 with the sole purpose of providing the industry with high quality nutrients and hydroponics supplies. Our wholesale division is ready to assist you in whatever your needs are. From our high quality line of Xtreme Nutrients, our Ultra Light division with H.P.S. and Metal Halide lights, ballast’s to the entire line of Grow & Grow Division. The key to our success is to provide all your hydroponics needs with uncompromising customer satisfaction.