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Pure, Highly Concentrated, and Fast Acting. Xtreme Silica Is Basically Steroids for Your Plants! Increasing Yields and Quality of The End Product, Correcting Nutrient Imbalances, and Increasing the Defense Against Environmental Stress.

  • Increase Strength
  • More Weight
  • Better Stress Resistance
  • Higher Nutrient Uptake

Who We are Premium Hydroponic Nutrients

When it comes to growing the highest quality crop you need the highest quality nutrients. Developed alongside growers our product line of nutrients and additives is designed to be effective in the hands of beginners and powerful in the hands of the pros. 

produced from the highest and purest pharmaceutical grade raw materials.

Different.. Unique

Our Offer
What you put in Reflects the outcome

You hear this a lot, that “this” nutrient or “that” nutrient is the best. We are definitely able to make similar statements, all growers that have made the switch to Xtreme Nutrients have never gone back to another grow schedule. What really makes Xtreme Nutrients stand out is how well it works for all strains, providing all the necessary building blocks for your plant to achieve its optimal yield, but that’s something you will have to try out yourself.  We have created a simple package that includes our entire grow schedule so you can test it out yourself.

How to become

A Distributor

With over 25 years of experience in the hydroponics industry, Florida Hydroponics was established in 1996 with the sole purpose of providing the industry with high-quality nutrients and hydroponics supplies. Our wholesale division is ready to assist you in whatever your needs are. From our high-quality line of Xtreme Nutrients, our U-Light division with LED Grow Lights, H.P.S., Metal Halide lights, ballasts to the entire line of Grow & Grow Division. The key to our success is to provide all your hydroponics needs with uncompromising customer satisfaction.


The Grow Schedule

We provide a grow schedule and a nutrient calculator to make our line of products even easier to use. 

green, grass, ganja

Where to buy

Florida Garden Supplies is our exclusive store where you can order all of our products.